FAR Angle Mill Head  is an accurate device precisely used on NC and CNC machine tools, especially on machining centers.The angle heads are designed to execute machining operations that the horizontal or vertical machine tools are unable to to perform the operation except with special jigs and fixture arrangements.

The angle head hikes up the perception of innovative features of machining process, productivity and reduces the machine down time and reduce fixture arrangements, these qualities will have a positive impact in increasing the machining accuracy.

Since the work piece once loaded will not be altered frequently until the end of the machining process. The milling angle heads can be easily attached to to the traditional machining centers with manual and automatic tool change.



  • These Mill heads with precision bearings and superior bevel gears will provide an excellent strength and precision in cantilever machining operations.
  • Spindles are supported by pairs of pre loaded angular contact ball bearings.
  • Designed for superior heat dissipation and for sustained periods of high speed operations.


  • Speed
  • Positioning pin with locking arrangement for ATC
  • Special pitch from adapter to positioning pin
  • Special length from gauge plane
  • Multi point flange instead of single positioning pin
  • Coolant provision

FAR Models

SLNO INPUT (Machine Spindle) MODEL SPECIFICATION (Output Collet/ Taper – Input Spindle Taper)
1 BT40 MH-FXA-ER11-BT40-150 ER11-BT40
2 MH-FXA-ER16-BT40-150 ER16-BT40
3 MH-FXA-ER25-BT40-150 ER25-BT40
4 MH-FXA-ER32-BT40-160 ER32-BT40
4 BT50 MH-FXA-ER11-BT50-150 ER11-BT50
5 MH-FXA-ER16-BT50-150 ER16-BT50
6 MH-FXA-ER25-BT50-150 ER25-BT50
7 MH-FXA-ER32-BT50-160 ER32-BT50
8 MH-FXA-ER40-BT50-200 ER40-BT50
  MH-FXA-BT40-BT50-200 BT40-BT50
9 MH-FXA-ISO30-BT50-160 ISO30-BT50
10 MH-FXA-ISO40-BT50-200 ISO40-BT50
11 DUAL OUTPUT MH-FXA-2ER16-BT40-150 2ER16-BT40
12 MH-FXA-2ER32-BT50-160 2ER32-BT50
14 MH-FXA-ER32-HSK63 ER32-HSK63

“Special models can be provided on demand”