This is the QF series Barfeeder from FAR

Bar Feeder

FAR has been in the fore front of manufacturing barfeeders for many years. Barfeeders have become the best automation devices. These devices can add hours of untended operating time for part volumes of a few hundred to tens of thousands.

How to select a barfeeder.

                                         VF Series – Fully Automatic Servo Barfeeder

VSS_5295VF is the worlds first fully automatic barfeeder, which completely eliminates setup change over time like pusher/push rod manual changing,Bar stock centre adjustment etc. This will tremendously save machine down time. Also bar changeover time is less than 15 seconds, thanks to the automatic bar setting mechanism.



Short Magazine barfeeder- QF 12QF Series – Short Barfeeder

The QF short barfeeders have become industry standard and are known for their rugged build and reliable operation. These are manufactured in hydraulic, pneumatic, and servo variants. FAR has launched the QF swing all electric servo barfeeder which is easy to setup and operate. This is a very economically priced model.


  • Increase productivity up to 40%
  • Simple automation
  • Absolute unattended machining
  • No Spindle speed restriction
  • 95% up time for turning centers
  • Suitable for all imported and Indian CNC lathes
  • Suitable for Round, Hexagon Options available for Square and other profiles
  • High speed turning
  • End preparation of bar is not required (Deburring is enough)
  • Black bars can be used
  • Compact design
  • Operator friendly control panel.

Super and Auto feed.

The Super Feed is a hydrodynamic multi tube indexing 3 meter barfeeder while the Auto Feed has the same specification but is only a single tube feeder .