Grinding Steady Rest

FAR has developed an entire range of pad type self centering steady rests for cylindrical grinding machines. FAR has also provided several custom made solutions to suit customers in process gauging components and machines.

• 3 point steady rest with carbide pad support
• Greater accuracy for today’s tolerance limit
• Models for crank shaft, and cam shaft
• Less down time for steady rest adjustment
• The follow – down operation allows all supporting pads to moves toward center as the part size diminishes. This feature provide continuous support while the part is being ground
• Pass through grinding Possible
• Easy retro fitting in ordinary cylindrical grinders
• Actuation from simple hydraulic power pack of machine using manual/PLC solenoid operated DC valve
• More parts per hour
• Increase grinding wheel life
• Custom models to meet your exact application
• Vertical loading by gantry for special models

Different type of Grinding steady rests.

FAR- AS steady rest (1)AS This series is specially designed with retractable arms for easy vertical loading of jobs on crank shaft grinding machines even on  hydraulic cylindrical grinding machine,


KRGU Hydraulic Self Centering Steady rest for GrindingKRGU This series is specially designed for crank shaft grinding to accommodate the maximum eccentric throw and journal diameter of crank shafts. Custom made design are available to accommodate in-process gauge and vertical loading.

S-053GHS This series is for all standard grinding applications such as cylindrical grinding, camshaft grinding, cam lobe grinding etc., We also manufacture custom design to accommodate in-process gauge.


STEADY RESTS FOR VERTICAL LOADING ON HYDRAULIC CYLINDRICAL MACHINES.VGHS These steadies are for cylindrical and camshaft grinding. This series is designed to be used on machines where GHS series steadies cannot be used. It comes with a top arm which is fully openable so as to load components to the machine centre. The opening action can be identified through a sensor integrated to the steady itself.