Zero Point Clamping System – Hydraulic

FAR ZPS  Hydraulic Models

FAR ZPS hydraulic versions are used on  Vertical Machining Centers,  Horizontal Machining centers, Gear Hobbing Machines, Vertical Turret Lathes, tombstones.

FAR Make hydraulic zero clamping system is available in different clamping forces

ZP5, ZP10, ZP20, ZP40, all these models are also available with integral type.

Key Advantage of FAR Zero clamping Systems are :

  • Accurate Positioning of the component.
  • Rigid clamping of the Job.
  • Easily suitable for manual and automatic
  • Loading / unloading of Machines.
  • Up to 90% saving on Machine set-up time.
  • Reduction of rejection from better control of the Loading process.
  • Suitable for controlling Multiple Machines.
  • Provided an optional feature -Pneumatic blowout for chips removal.
  • High repeatability  <0.01.