Dealers Wanted

FarGlobal is looking for Stockists, Dealers and Agents


FarGlobal is looking to expand its sales activities all over India for its two ranges of Machine Tool accessories:

  • the FAR range and
  • the KITAGAWA range

Both of these have proved themselves to reduce operational  down-time, increase profits and work reliably over several years.

Making Sales Easy

At FarGlobal our main task is to make the dealer’s work easy. We adopt several methods to make the sales process easy.

  1. We create a strong product and brand position
  2. We provide prestigious import brands
  3. We provide consistent technical support
  4. We provide extensive marketing support
  5. We provide substantial profit margins to stockists
  6. We provide a high commission rate to Agents and Consultants

Join us today

If this sounds interesting please call Mr. Shaji on +91 98800 19660 or send an email to

Some questions for you

We know you are busy. It would help us a lot if you could answer these four questions.

  1. What products do you carry now?
  2. What regions do you cover?
  3. How many sales people do you have currently?
  4. Would you prefer to be a stockist or agent?