How to select a Barfeeder

Parameters   Recommended Model Recommended model
Quality of Bar  Black QF  VF
  Bright QF VF
  Ground QF VF
Profile of Bar Round QF VF
  Hexagon QF VF
  Square (with Modification) QF  VF
  Special profiles (with Modification) QF  VF
Space availability – Less Than 3 Meter 2.4 mtr to 3 meter QF  VF
RPM  4000 and Above QF  VF
 Feeding with out turret stopper VF
Bend of Bar per meter  Above 0.3mm and with in 0.6mm QF  VF
 Less Operator skill  VF
Set up change  Frequent  VF
  Not frequent QF VF
Batch Quantity High  VF VF
  Low QF  VF
Variety in Bar diameter and sizes are un known   QF  VF
Dual Axis servo system     VF